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  S ervices :
         Gain-Infotek brings wide range of software services with expertise, skills and knowledge. Specialized in Web Development like developing Software As A Service products.

         As a Customer of Gain-Infotek, your organization has access to one of the most advanced software platforms and secure data centers. Years of experience across application areas help drive research and development. Through a well-structured process, your organization can begin delivering our Software as a Service (SaaS) product in less time and with very few local resources.
      SAAS :   Whether a business-to-business or business-to-consumer focus, Gain-Infotek understands the complexities of delivering Software as a Service (SaaS) in a multi-customer environment. From lead tracking and system workflow to data synchronization, reporting, and merchant processing - we help automate virtually all aspects of your business.
      On Demand :   We provide “On Demand Software Delivery” which describes software as a service delivered to the customer via a network (like the internet) as a service on demand.
      Email Services :   We provide Email services with plenty of storage, effective Spam filtering, a fast interface, desktop email program access and you can send rich emails using gain mail.
      SMS Gateway :   We provide SMS Gateway, which is an application that serves Internet content to mobile subscribers using SMS messaging. SMS gateway functions as a "gateway" between the GSM network and the Internet, providing Internet information to mobile subscribers using SMS messaging.
      SMS Integration :   We provide SMS Integration because of that it is possible to deliver the product or service itself via SMS. SMS integration offers a cost effective means of contacting our customers and provides the ability to personalize each message based upon our requirements.
      Bulk SMS :   Gain-Infoteks Bulk messaging system allows us to target our customers with latest offers,news and other information about our products and services.
      Web Hosting :   We provide a web hosting service is a type of internet hosting service that allows us to provide our own websites accessible via the world wide web. we provide space on a server for use by our clients as well as providing internet connectivity.
      Bar Code & RFID Reader:   We provide Bar Code Reader and RFID reader integration services as per the requirement of the customer.
      Spam Protection:    We provide better integrated spam filtering provide relevant, continuous and real-time spam detection that is dynamically adjusted against new spam identification and circumvention techniques.
      VPN :
     (Design & Implementation)
    Using industry standard IPSec configurations we have incorporated Virtual Private Networks VPNs into wide area networks WANS to link customers in a controlled and secure manner.
      DBDRS :
      (Database disaster
       Recovery System)
   What makes Gain-Infotek unique is that we offer one of the broadest, most cost-effective DR solution sets in the industry with a customized data replication architecture.
      Firewall :
     (Design & Implementation)
   Our Firewall system designed and implemented to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network. It examines each information packets and blocks those that do not meet our specified security criteria.
    Consultancy :
      Server Clustering.
      RAID Implementation.
      Email Server Deployment.
      Database Server Deployment.