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  R esearch And Development :
         Increase the usability and functional aspects of software applications
Continuous industry research and ongoing monitoring of system usage help drive product development and ensure application functionality remains parallel with market demands. Software features can be easily expanded or scaled back by user, making it easier to support a variety of size and industry specific customers with a single software platform. Innovative tools reduce the time required for data conversion, software configuration, and user training, helping organizations compete more effectively in the marketplace.
  T echnologies :
          The area of working of Gain-Infotek is web development to create web-based applications. The Platform where we work are mainly Windows and Linux. We mainly develops SAAS(Software As A Service) type of products.The technologies we use to create our applications are listed below.

     Java      JDBC      Servlet      JSP
     Swings      RMI      EJB      JavaScript
     PHP      AJAX      ASP      ASP.NET
     VB      VB.NET      HTML      XML