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Medisales___ On Demand Software As A Service (SAAS) Product
Type Of Product :
Gain-Infotek has delivered Medisales project for the industries or corporations those are working in Pharmaceutical areas. This is a SAAS (Service as a software) product. This is nothing but a part of supply chain management.
      SAAS is a model of software delivery where our company provides maintenance, daily
technical operations, and support for the software provided to their client. SaaS is a model of software delivery rather than a market segment; it assumes the software is delivered over the internet. Software can be delivered using this method to any market segment including small business, medium and large business
About Product :

        This project is based on “SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT” which caters plastic industry operations automation. It consists of various modules like Master Management ,Reports ,Raw Material Management, Order Management ,Production Management.
        This project is purely made for plastic industries. It maintains various details of customers, items, users, raw material. It also machinewise hourly production cycle including rejection Of item, and downtime of the machine with reasons. It provides fetures like accept new orders, schedule orders,maintain order dispathces,maintain raw material stock status,change machine setting (eg : change producing item,change machine temparature etc) ,lease password facility for change machine setting, master maintenance, also it provides various type of reports.

Features Of The Product :

   1. Web based application so faster response to the request.
   2. Maintenance masters so not necessity of repetitive entry, It saves time and redundancy completely avoided.
   3. Due to web based it can be accessible from any place.
   4. Less use of local resources.
   5. High-level security in data transactions.

Technologies Used :