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Transportation___ On Demand Software As A Service (SAAS) Product
Type Of Product :
Gain-Infotek has delivered Transportation project for the industries or corporations those are working in goods transportation areas. This is a SAAS (Service as a software) product. This is nothing but a part of supply chain management.
      SAAS is a model of software delivery where our company provides maintenance,daily
technical operations, and support for the software provided to their client. SaaS is a model of software delivery rather than a market segment; it assumes the software is delivered over the internet. Software can be delivered using this method to any market segment including small business, medium and large business

About Product :

        What type of this project is we have described earlier now we have to move where we get some idea about the working of this project. This project maintains details of customers (consignee/consignor), details of goods (items to transport) and details of transport vehicle.
       The Project is on the basis of just in time because of that the details of booked items/goods, the vehicle details in which we loaded that item at consignor city, that all details reflected instantly at consignee side.
       The project has Entry screens of LR/Consignment Note, Truck report Generation, Truck Arrival details, CRR Details (if crossing occurred), Cash Memo Details, Received cash memo Details and all Report generation with master records.
Features Of The Product :
   1. Web based application so    faster response to the request.
   2. Maintaining masters so not necessity of repetitive entry,It saves time and redundancy completely avoided.
   3. Due to web based it can be accessible from any place.
   4. Less use of local resources.
   5. High-level security in data transactions.
Technologies Used :
ASP.NET using VB(MS Visual Studio 2005),
MS-SQL Server.